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All Eyes On Me, In the Center of the Ring


Britneys Circus

The concept of the circus traces back to  Ancient Rome. While the circus might have originated in Greece, the Romans took it to a whole other level–including staged battles, chariot races, jugglers, acrobats, and wild animals. Over the years the circus has evolved into the  flea-infested, animal-abusing, exploitative, family-friendly entertainment it is today.

And what better way for Britney Spears to return to live performance than that? After  suspending her Onyx tour in 2004 due to a knee injury, Britney all but disappeared from public performances (well, of the singing and dancing variety). But now, 2009: Britney is back in a leather-strapped, S&M-inspired,  wildly choreographed circus of her own.

This is Britney doing what she does best: presenting sheer spectacle. Does Britney Spears sing a single note live? No. That’s not the point. If you want to hear her, buy the album, it’s at the concession stand. If you want to see Britney in an elaborate stage performance including contortionists, acrobats, dazzling visual effects, and a dozen costume changes, then this is it.

Reviewers have noted that the lack of “choreographic feats” from Ms. Spears, that she hardly interacted with the New Orleans audience, and occasionally stumbled. Well boo hoo hoo, you’re missing the point. Who cares about Britney Spears, singer and dancer? What we care about is Britney Spears the spectacle, and that’s exactly what the Circus tour delivers.

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  1. 06/13/2009 2:59 pm

    but she doesn’t actually sing…

  2. 12/17/2009 11:58 am

    в конце концов: превосходно…

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